After studying film at the University of Texas, Blair Bradshaw moved to Los Angeles to start a career in motion pictures. However as he continued to search for a more spontaneous creative experience, Blair's study of film eventually turned to an interest in still photography and ultimately to painting. The influence of filmmaking is evident in his work -- from panel to panel, and layer upon layer, his art tells a story. And as with any film, the more time spent watching and observing the work, the more clearly its details and message come into focus. The assembled canvases reconstruct the iconography of the periodic table, transforming complex chemical structures into common human experience. Stacked, juxtaposed, separated and recombined, the familiar classroom elements are given new significance.

Blair moved from San Francisco to the east coast in 2003, where he currently lives and works in Brooklyn. His works have been featured in galleries from New York to San Francisco to Paris and are part of private collections in the U.S. and Europe.

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